Nottingham Furniture

Nottingham Furniture

Posted by Trentside furniture editorial team on Oct 31, 2019

Nottingham Furniture

Since the 19th Century, some of the best furniture produced in the UK has been Nottingham Furniture. Trentside Furniture is proud to continue a tradition of first class, bespoke Nottingham Furniture. From our workshop in Gunthorpe, we create stunning, unique, heirloom quality pieces that will delight both you and future generations. All of our premium grade wood is sustainably sourced from local suppliers and reclaimed from industrial use in many cases. Treated with wax oil, we create a classic, rustic look that suits both traditional and modern settings.

When required we use steel, sourced direct from the home of UK quality metalwork in Sheffield. Table legs are coated with a clear powder coat to protect from corrosion and enhance the natural finish.

Our craftsmen work with you to design a piece fitting functional and design requirements and then manufacture by hand

Trentside Furniture is a trading name of Trentside Design Ltd reg no - 10339933 Vat no - 261142048