Industrial furniture the good and the bad! Buy once!

Posted by Trentside furniture editorial team on Oct 31, 2019

Industrial furniture the good and the bad!

Industrial furniture is taking the U.K by storm. But don’t be fooled into buying cheap versions. Reclaimed timber has to be stored and dried properly before being re used. In fact most items stating reclaimed are not actually reclaimed, I mean how many old barns and buildings do you see being torn down every week? Most are made with second grade cheap scaffold boards or untreated timber direct from the wood yard!

Now these reclaimed items may look good at first. But over the next few weeks as the boards dry in your house, cracks and wood warping will start to happen. Leaving you with a twisted table unsuitable for use.

Always ask the seller if the timber has been kiln dried, and if reclaimed check the suppliers source. If in doubt check the sellers return policy first, check for hidden return charges or if they even accept returns.

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