Posted by Trentside furniture editorial team on Oct 31, 2019

The industrial style originated in the 50s and 60s. Initially, it was a factory, industrial furniture served only one purpose: to be useful to factory workers. It was then occasional tables, metal chairs etc.

With the development of purchasing power. The industrial style first appeared in New York neighbourhoods with artists and students who lived illegally in abandoned warehouses and workshops, has gradually become a recognized concept. in the world of decoration. Due to its origin (the factory), the industrial style first found its place in large spaces such as converted workshops and lofts.

These places are perfect because the industrial style is a play of light (light and/or large and wide windows), material and structure with functional objects.

Yet this return to the past is paradoxically modern.

And instead of being content with a style commonly called “old fashioned”, the industrial style also assumes this mix between antique furniture and new furniture to make its trademark. This style is also composed of the recovery of objects or furniture to which we will grant a new life (recycling). Here, the words authenticity and modernity are closely linked. And it is thanks to this mixture that the Industrial gets all its strength. From then on, he will create his own sober, comfortable interior in his image.

Industrial Style: Materials and Colors

In order to be able to put in place this unique interior, it is possible to use several types of materials. Thus, materials such as wood, aluminum, steel, copper, leather, plastic, brick, and glass will be very useful but it is mainly due to the robustness they will bring to the furniture that you will appreciate. Because they are reliable, durable and quality, these materials will be at the heart of your interior.

To avoid a cold and impersonal result that the excessive use of steel-type metals would produce, it is advisable for you to play on the materials by associating your metals with wood and leather which have this tendency to warm up an atmosphere.

The Industrial furniture is also a harmony of colors. You will then find black, white, gray, brown, red (dark) and beige and all the nuances associated with them. Just like wood and leather, some colors will give the impression that space is much bigger, much clearer and much warmer.

Generally, in wood and metal, the furniture found in the industrial style is characterized by their more massive side, reminding the working world. They are furniture with clean lines and solid, made to last. A weathered or vintage side is also very popular, like peeling paint or slightly rusty metal.

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