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Posted by Trentside furniture editorial team on Oct 31, 2019


Having guests for the holidays (or at any other time of the year) comes with certain things that must be taken care of. Most hosts will make sure that your house is clean, have your fridge well-stocked, and your clothes are made. But the most essential part of welcoming guests into your home is to ensure that your stay and your sleep are comfortable!

Furnishing a guest room with modern furniture is an excellent way to ensure that your guests enjoy their stay at home. Having a comfortable and pleasant decoration and furniture will make all the difference in the experience of your guests!

Guest room furniture 

Guest Bedroom furniture There are some critical parts of modern furniture you should use in a room or suite to give your guests everything they need to be comfortable and available during their stay.


People often use their old mattresses as bed mattresses when they move to the new one. This can lead to mattress beds aged 15 to 20 in some cases! Full of spring, sagging and sleep uncomfortable nights.

You should always make sure that the mattress in your guest room or guest suite is comfortable, so your guests can have a good night’s sleep. You often find good beds at a reasonable price, so you do not have to worry about breaking the bank. Giving your guests a comfortable place to sleep is the best way to make sure they enjoy their stay!


Having a seat in a guest room gives your guests another place to relax as they stay with you. Using an occasional chair or a chair in the corner of a room or by the bed helps to add more modernity to your space.

A thick, comfortable armchair like Laguna armchair is perfect for a bedroom with several pillows or a blanket. It provides a place to read, check email, or browse Instagram before sleeping. The Chelsea Chair is an excellent example of a multipurpose chair that can be used for seating or the opening of a dress.

A modern armchair in the bedroom helps your guests feel at home!


Very few things in a house are more uncomfortable than a squeaky bed. Always make sure your guests receive a large enough bed, new enough and comfortable enough so that they do not squeak when they get up at night or turn around. Make sure that the bed in your guest room is made of high-quality materials and that they are well maintained to prevent them from bending, squeaking or even breaking.


Even if your guests only stay one or two nights over a weekend, providing them with space to unpack will help them settle in and feel more comfortable as guests in their home.

An item like a Sideboard or Bookcase with drawers is excellent choices for slim storage that fit almost every room. Your guests can put their clothes, toiletries, electronic products and anything else they want to unpack quickly. These modern storage options are excellent replacements for bedside tables and shelving in rooms that may not be as practical or take up more space than a universal storage solution.

Trentside furniture can help!

Trentside furniture manufactures and supplies modern furniture of high quality that will impress and comfort your guests. Whether you’re looking to equip a small room or a large guest suite, we have the furniture you need!

For more information about our furniture prices and options, contact Trentside furniture. We will make sure you find the best furniture and decoration for your guest’s space in your home. We also work closely with many hotels and other commercial areas to furnish your rooms and ensure that each guest feels comfortable.

Get in touch with Trentside furniture today for more information about our modern furniture for rooms and suites.

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